Sunday, September 02, 2007


I made a deposit to Full Tilt account after my hiatus. I also cashed out some IronMan medals for $26 tokens.

My bankroll challenge is to take this $500 reload + 2 tokens + my rakeback mid month and restore bankroll to $7400 level I was at 10 days ago. Timeframe for challenge is to accomplish and or maintain by Winter WPBT gathering.

Things going well:
1) Dad has completed chemo for prostate cancer. We won't know for sure until PSA test in few months how well it is cleared up. According to Mom he looks pregnant. He told the daughter that "his boobie's were the same size". Look on the daughter's face was priceless.

2) I am not a University of Michigan or Notre Dame fan.

3) I entered pokerstars $100k guarantee (won in 70 FPP SNG), 16768 entrants. Means I have to be awake by noon but how long must this thing take?

4) Was 1 for 2 in super turbo SNG so I am in $750k for $50, need to bust a pro or cash or overall -EV

Things going poorly:
1) I have a cousin going to jail. He has drug problem and is not a criminal mastermind. He altered the routing number and account number on a check for $100. Apparently if he wrote check for $1 less it would have just been a misdemeanor, if he had not used a check with his real name and home address on it he might not have been caught so easily.

2) My wife has a huge bruise on her foot and probably 2 broken toes. She was exercising using a yoga ball and managed to kick a chair hard when ball shifted. Bad side of me being an engineer is 1st instinct in any situation is to point out how to add safety margin or efficiency to any situation.

3) In a fantasy football league where we must start 2 QBs each week I have Trent Green, Jake Delhomme and JP Losman on my roster.

4) $17.5k Guarantee AA < KK all in pre-flop IGHN. (only mentioned because I was creating blog entry during $17.5k)

Will miss MATH tomorrow due to live Fantasy Football draft. Good luck to all that are playing MATH.

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