Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rebuy Fun

Saturday I made 3 attempts to play the $25+2 DoubleShootout Sats to WCOOP #14 when I accidentally stumbled across these $8.80 + R 2x-turbos. I suspect next saturday there will be something similar to WCOOP Main Event. 1 hour of rebuys with 5 minute blind levels made it important to play like Kat's Donkarama as the 4k chips adouble rebuy bought were trouble when last rebuy level was 800/1600 with 160 ante. Managed to win an entry in 2nd Sat I tried for a total outlay of ~$75. Decided since I am not Chad and my comments on Hoy's blog this week proved I am better off playing with big window on game which led me to unregister and take $W as Aussie Millions freeroll starts at same time as WCOOP 14 and FullTilt's $750k guarantee is starting hour and half later.

Will use $W to enter more WCOOP sats. So far one real $50 booby prize has been collected where I lost with KT to KT after we both flopped top 2 pair. Since sites for trading $T/$W seem to charge a 20% premium I will have to pass on that. If anyone wants to play WCOOP events or sats and is willing to buy at 5% discount let me know (cashmanbrian offers 3% discount on buys)

Georgia Tech continued it's streak of failing to win in Charlottesville since I got married. I have not figured out what led to this trend but wife has said there is no divorce only death (and she means me) so I can't help them.

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