Friday, September 14, 2007

Woot Friday

The daughter is going to her 1st dance at the Middle School tonight. Time goes by so fast, she can be a bit shy and I am not sure how many friends she has made so I hope she has a good time. I asked her about dance last night but her responses were "You are not going, no parents allowed" and "Go away, you are annoying me". Ah the joys of Fatherhood!

Last night LJ joined me at the cash table the difference between running good and running bad was demonstrated in the span of 3 hands.

Hand 1 Dealt to bayne_s 88
Pvanharibo calls $1
bayne_s raises to $4
3 folds
Bozo calls
3 folds
Pvanharibo calls
Flop A 8 4 Bingo
Pvanharibo checks
bayne_s bets $10
bozo calls
Pvanharibo folds
Turn A
bayne_s bets $22
bozo calls and is all in
bozo shows A T
river 4
Bozo wins with Aces over 4s boat

3 hands later
Pvanharibo is dealt TT
Pvanharibo raises to $4
Bozo calls
flop is Td 8d 4c
Pvanharibo bets $10
bozo calls
turn is Qs
bozo raises
Pvaniharibo reraises all in
bozo calls for now $80 stack
river 2c
Bozo shows Ad 4 (pair of 4s)
Pvanharibo shows TT (three of kind Tens).

Am always saddened when some bozo runner runners me for a big pot then gives my money away before I can get it back. Was happy that this time at least LJ was beneficiary.

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jamyhawk said...

How funny. I play against that "bozo" all the time.

Yeah, kids grow fast. I have one graduating from college in May. And I have one that just turned 1.

Yes. I am crazy.