Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This would Tilt Me

Saw this last night when WCOOP Omaha Event was 10 handed. Raymer had 1.6 million chips, # 2 was less than 1 million. He lost connection for at least 15 minutes. My ISP provider would have been blistered, small items in house may have been broken. Raymer's outage lasted 10-20 minutes and he came back and won.

Had a red letter pro drop by my table playing the $3k guarantee limit O8 last night. MiamiDon suggested in girlie chat yesterday that if I am going to play Omadraw or even worse limit O8 that I stop publishing hand histories and just say got money in good got beat.
I raised Jim McManus BB with A23K (1 suit) he called Heads up defending his BB with J444 (1 suit), believe his BB represented 20% of his stack he was rewarded with 466 flop and no low came, I called flop bet and raised turn butting him all in when K came on turn which also allowed me to represent nut flush. I finished 18th but still shake my head over J444 call.
About same time playing cash after set over set flop since my set was Js I checked for deception and damage control turn gave me a gut shot and flush draw at which point I bet pot and was called. River gave me boat and opponent quads betting was he bet pot I raised a value amount and he raised pot. I made crying call despite my read screaming up against quads. This bad beat did not lead to tilting off bank roll because having played with GateauOrMort before I respect his play in general and he did have nut low draw + set on turn.

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