Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend Sports Wrap Up

I'm not a Mets fan but am very disappointed the NY Mets did not find a way to add 2 more playoff games to the sports calender this week. I am sure Hoy is pleased that his beloved Phillies have made the playoffs without an additional game, the Phillies also benefit because their 1st round opponent has to play their way into matchup.

If gambling on sports were legal in California I would have to wager on Colorado to advance to face the Phillies. Peavy vs. Fogg is advantage Peavy on paper but Peavy has not pitched at Coors this year, Rockies have momentum and old baseball saying is momentum is only as good s today's starting pitcher.

In Fantasy Football this weekend in my longest tenured league Vince Young was on a bye so I had to start Daunte Culpepper. By my read on Bill Simmon's Vengeance Scale his 3rd rushing TD as time ran out and pointing out knee was okay would rate an 6.3. Lead is approx 40, he has Maroney, I have Housh and Moss.

League 2 I trail by 12 opponent had McNabb and sack don't rate as negative, but I have Kenny Watson or Rudi and Maroney going.

League 3 is against Waffles, must crush him! I have 19 point lead and Gostowski, he has Housh.

League 4 is work league, I am playing worst team in league and trail by 16 but have Carson Palmer and Wes Welker going tonight while opponent is done

In FantasySportsLive I took a 2nd, Akers at Kicker, Harrison at WR were worse than expected. I struggled with whether to take Jets against Buffalo or Texans against Falcons, I chose poorly.

My favorite pro Football team is the Tampa Bay Bucs, their 3-1 start and signs of offense confuse me, did not see this coming.

Georgia Tech dominated in a game that only a Tech fan could have enjoyed watching. The announcers were almost ready to name Tech's punter the player of game but Tashard Choice ran just enough that they had an alternative. I believe I have seen a punter named player of game for a losing team.

Donovan McNabb was sacked again.

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Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I'll take Peavy to shut down the Rockies tonight for 7 or 8 strong. Just hoping it ends up going 18 innings and both teams completely destroy their pitching staffs to win it.