Monday, September 24, 2007

To Quote Alan "Building a new legend on Pokerstars"

Met PokerEnthusiast tonight and took him on a tour of the residential section of Redwood City, California. I finally decided my ability to find a decent sports bar or restaurant was futile so we headed the 15 miles south to Mountain View so I would have a clue about finding a place to eat and drink.
I would like to thank whoever busted Hoy, Nemesis and RaisingCayne to maintain my MATH moneyboard leadership.
I did get home in time to play a few hands of Limit O8 on my new favorite poker site Pokerstars. Don't think my decision making was any better than it has been on FullTilt and I was hitting some draws to scoop (where I at least had the other nut while drawing) unlike the donkey draws that have been happening on FullTilt.
Also played a little bit of 1/2 Limit O8 on FullTilt, dude 3 bet preflop with AJ77 1 suit, I flopped straight and called him down but no low came and board paired. Dude scooped pot typed "xnnx: & %$! you c u nt" in chat and exited the table after applying the donkey beat and ran from table like the unskilled luckbox wussy he probably was, Chad has destroyed my picturing of the mouthy in chat box as spindly pencil necks . Alternatively maybe this starting hand is in wheelhouse of groundbreaking new Limit O8 theory. The IronMan promotion is evil in that after you've been in the IronMan challenge a year you earn enough "Medals" each month with IronMan to get 2 $26 tokens. Full Tilt's Marketing is evil in it's genius.


Fuel55 said...

Glad to see 7532 amongst the "hand" leaders ...

23skidoo said...

You're welcome! ;)

Screenshots on my page.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

The ironman is addicting... damn you Full Tilt!!!