Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Today's Dilemma

I arrived home at 5:40 last night so again failed to play the Bodog Blogger tournament. One of these days I will get it together and get Bodog (with my account number) on my work computer so I can register and not be vulnerable to the selfish assholes that gridlock the Moffet Park Blvd. and Matilda Intersection.

Played 3 tournaments on Pokerstars instead.
$11 NLHE went out relatively early. UTG raised to 4x BB, since he had already raised 3 hands this orbit and seemed to be raising 1/3 of time he had 3 callers before it got to me in the SB. I held 99 figured I was ahead of half his range so shoved. UTG proudly re-raised all in with 33 everyone else ran away and riverstars rewarded him with a river 3.

$33 O8 SNG, 4 left 3 pay, I am 2nd in chips. I raise with A2JJ and suited Ace. Flop comes 34J. I bet pot am raised by the chip leader, I naturally shove and he calls with 449Q. Running hearts give him a flush and the bubble is mine.

I then played the $58 Satellite into WCOOP #8, $530 Limit Omaha 8. I was a little slow on the print screen and failed to capture my fold of AA24 ds due to a timeout. My intent was to fold. I don't think I have ever folded such a strong hand pre-flop but play was completely correct.

My dilemma is that I thought I would unregister and use $T elsewhere. Instead I have $W.
Is there a market for trading $W? What is the normal exchange rate?

I examined the WCOOP event schedule and could play PL Hold'em this weekend but it does seem wrong to use my $W in a format I have played maybe once versus alternative of pulling an LJ ("work" from home) and playing in what I have to feel is my strongest game.

Having read we-are-not-fish I realize it would be a gross bankroll managment foul to play in WCOOP #8 but FTOPS #8 was also a bankroll managment violation, playing in sat was a violation. Does O8 always get Event 8?

Edit: MiamiDon was very helpful in providing links to examine selling $W (best offer $463 for $530). Boss hated the idea of me playing tournament from office that could consume whole afternoon. He told me to go home and play tournament and put in vacation day request if I didn't make it back. Alan, funny difference with Stars vs. FullTilt is presence of $ during tournaments on chip counts.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

When I first saw the pic, I failed to realize it was a tournament... I was shocked with your bankroll...

Gnome said...

It's interesting the kind of return you can get on $W. Is that organized by PokerStars? Thanks for the link!

smokkee said...

hopefully, we'll see you in the Bodonkey next week. next week's tournament is already up and ready for registration.