Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Satellite Machine

MTT MTT SNG HU Satellite Overall Winnings:
$0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $3,333.00 $3,333.00

The above are my stats for the last 11 days on PokerStars. $273 of the $3333 are cash for just missing the seat and $110 are $T which are ~15% more valuable in marketplace than $W and in my mind are equivalent to cash since I play tournaments. I was out of pocket $113.60 before starting to play the sats exclusively with $W.

I have used $W to enter the Limit O8 WCOOP and Sunday's "2nd Chance" NL HE so my 0/2 cash rate is bad but not wafflesque.

I have also had 3 frustrating near misses to another 2k in $W when I got all in preflop with AAQJ against AQQJ and lost when Q hit flop, lost with QQJ5 against QJ64 all in pre when 6 and 4 flopped and lost a LHE hand with KK against KQ, we are all in on turn and river J completes gutshot.

Part of me feels like I should just keep attacking the satellites the rest of the week because being on the west coast with a job is not conducive to WCOOP play during week but the remaining weekend events have massive buyins. At this point if I build up the $W to enough to play Main Event I feel I would have to play rather than take the 20% conversion hit to get dollars. By no standard of bankroll management other than Ted Forrest should I be playing a $2500 buyin tourney. Alternative is to again target 2nd chance events. Will just have to wait to see where $W lead me.

A bonus of WCOOP satellite play is I should make "GoldStar" VIP this month. Is this better than being Gold in Full Tilt's IronMan challenge?


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Since I've only had my acct for 2 weeks and I'm back on FTP, I'm still trying to get to silver... which at $.50/1 NL takes a little longer... but I'll get there... and soon, I'll be in gold... then platinum...

dammit, stupid marketing schemes.

Yours truly,
the Sucker that marketers dream of

Anonymous said...

I love the Ted Forrest school of bankroll management. Nothing like the pressure of having your whole roll on the table during any one game.

I bet Ted loves craps too!